Every Day, In Small Ways, We Can Be Mindful

It is straight forward to introduce small changes in order to embrace a more mindful way of living that can then become an intuitive part of life. All that is necessary is to take a moment at strategic points of the normal day…

  • On waking, before rising, take a moment to pay attention to your breath. Observe five mindful breaths
  • Each time you move, take a moment to notice changes in posture: from lying down to sitting, to standing, to walking
  • Use any and every sound as a bell for mindfulness- the sound of a bird singing, a phone ringing, a train passing, a door closing, laughter, footsteps. Truly listen, be present and awake in the moment
  • Consistently, throughout the day check back in with your breath. Give it your attention and observe five mindful breaths
  • At mealtimes, snack times take a moment to breathe, connect with the food- its gift to your health, its journey to your plate…smell, taste, observe, savour, cherish, chew and appreciate your food
  • Throughout the day take a moment at various intervals to notice your body, posture, position, the connection to the ground, the air touching your face, legs, arms, are you moving slowly, quickly, gracefully?
  • Bring awareness when you can to listening and talking…can you listen without judgement- without agreeing or disagreeing? Without liking or disliking- simply listening without planning your reply? When talking can you simply state what needs to be said without overstating or understating? How do you feel? How does your body feel?
  • If you are standing in a queue- as we often do- take a moment to observe your breathing, the connection of your feet with the floor, your posture and how your body feels…how do you feel about queuing? Notice your breathing, the rise and fall of your abdomen and chest
  • Throughout the day check in with your body, are there any points of tightness or tension? Can you breathe into them to release the tension? Breathe slowly, mindfully and let go of tension. Identity where you are holding tension and stretch whilst focusing on the release of stress
  • Give small daily activities real attention, such as brushing your teeth, washing up, getting dressed… bring mindfulness to each and every activity
  • Every night before sleep take a few minutes to reflect, to relax and to pay attention to your breathing. Observe five mindful breaths

‘The art of mindful living requires keen interest and a lifetime of gentle and determined effort, falling asleep and remembering to wake up, again and again.’  Larry Rosenburg. ‘Breath by Breath’.


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