So How Do You “Just Breathe?” 3 Tips For Relaxation

So How Do You “Just Breathe?” 3 Tips For Relaxation.


Breathing: so natural, so necessary, so vital, so influential and influenced to and by emotion. Time to focus for a moment on how you are breathing and the difference that can make

Daily Om ~ The Ego

A Sacred Journey

lilystargazerAs long as we are in touch with our higher selves our egos are not a threat, rather a tool in service of the spirit. In most spiritual circles, the ego gets a pretty bad rap. The reason for this is that the ego, to some extent, is the principle in our psyches that separates us from one another, while spirit is the principle that shows us that no such separation exists. Sometimes the ego is depicted as an almost demonic figure that keeps us from realizing our true nature. But at its most basic, the ego is simply a tool that helps us organize the various aspects of our personality so that we can function in the world. In this sense, the ego is simply a way for us to understand and attend to ourselves at the same time as we understand and attend to the world around us…

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