Help yourself to health & happiness

After battling a debilitating brain tumour, healer Anna Parkinson, explains her approach to life…

In the autumn of 2002 doctors discovered a brain tumour pressing on my carotid artery. That tumour and the symptoms it caused turned my life upside down and the struggle to overcome it was to be the greatest battle I had known. Yet, although it caused me pain and fear, and for a while cost me both my eyesight and my income, that tumour was the best thing that ever happened to me.

In December 2010 I had what I expect to be my last MRI scan in a hospital for many years. It showed that what had once been a threatening tumour had shrunk to a negligible mass only 5mm across. I no longer have any of the painful and debilitating symptoms I once endured and I am strong and healthy enough to do anything I choose. This change happened for me without any medical or surgical intervention because, I believe, I had changed my mind about how to live my life. Knowing how to live my life has saved my life.

If your life is perfect you can stop reading now. If not, read on because I believe that we all have far more power to change our lives and bodies for the better than we know. In the process of healing myself I discovered how to heal others and learned much more about the power of our minds. so here are some very simple things you can do to help yourself to health and happiness.

SPACE… You need to start by giving yourself space. It can be space to have a deep conversation with yourself or with someone else in your imagination, or it can be just empty space where you don’t know what will happen but your feelings and thoughts will bubble to the surface. Take ten minutes a day to sit comfortably somewhere and watch yourself breathing. As you follow the deep rhythm of your breath you will relax and become aware of the jumble of thoughts that have been dominating your mind. Take time to sift the important ones from the unimportant ones. Let all the unimportant thoughts drift away on your outward breath. Ten or fifteen minutes daily is all it takes to focus on what is really important to you and reinforce your inner strength.

TALK TO YOURSELF…If you have physical pain, ask yourself what emotional pain you also have. If you had to imagine your emotional pain as physical, where would you feel it in your body? Can you detect a correspondence between the physical and the emotional pain you feel? When you have pain, either physical or emotional, use your imagination to release it. See yourself bundling it up like old wrapping paper and pushing it down your right leg into the earth (left leg if you’re left-handed). Imagine how this bundle is crushed between the rocks and fissures of the earth’s crust and destroyed in our planet’s internal fire. Feel the white energy from the center of the earth come back up through the earth’s crust and into your body through the soles of your feet to take the place of the pain you have released. I call this simple five-minute technique Earth Healing Meditation and it’s very powerful. Give it a try.

TAKE CHARGE… Contrary to the language we hear around us every day, it’s not other people who create and shape our lives but ourselves. It’s the choices we make that create what we ‘have’ to do, but often the event comes so far after our choice we can’t remember ever having chosen. See your life in this perspective. If other people treat you in a way you don’t like, ask yourself what it is that you are doing which creates this behaviour in them. Are you creating a situation in which they feel disempowered so that they feel angry or frustrated? Are you allowing them to treat you with disrespect by not standing up for what you really want? You cannot control their behaviour, but if you change your behaviour then you change the game entirely. You will be surprised at the power you have to create what you really want.

Anna Parkinson is a writer and healer and her book Healing is Feeling will be published soon. She offers healing, Hawaiian massage and counselling at Bloomburys in Biddenden. For more information see Anna’s website:


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