Old Wisdom: Fresh as the Dawn


Wisdom gives a person three following capabilities;  to make excellent decisions, to speak and to make proper things

A wise man is a measure of all things, which exist. With a help of senses he measures perceptible things and with a help of reason he measures intellectual things.


You shouldn’t avoid doing small services, because people will think that you can do more.

Baltasar Gracian:

A wise man estimates all,  because in all people he notices something good.

If you don’t know the way, you should stay with wise and careful men. Sooner of later they find the right way out.

Han Fei:

Wisdom is not different from the expression of intellectual superiority of a person.


The efforts of the wise man direct to being satisfied with his life, but he doesn’t want to have many things.

When people don’t know me much, I am valued high. That is why a wise man looks like a man, who wears shabby clothes and holds jasper in the pocket.


Wisdom builds a nest in one word and evolves a thought from one phrase that has a life’s depth and a length in centuries.


The first elements of wisdom: you should study to reflect and to lose your ability to chat.

Hearing and keeping silence, you become a wise man. The beginning of wisdom is silence.


Wisdom never irritates itself.


To be lower as yourself is the same as ignorance, but to be higher as yourself is a wisdom.




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