I found a beautiful and interesting blog this afternoon.. I fell in love with the images and followed them through to discover a post called The Tranquil Mind by Yoga On The Beach. The three points to use to help us towards our own tranquil mind struck such a chord with me and enhances all that I am learning on my path to a more mindful me.


For many the question is how do I find the tranquil mind in the day to day nature of my life with all of the stress, time challenges, and feelings of being overwhelmed.  Here are a few quick ways to attain the tranquil mind.

Number one: take stock of your breathing, and on the next exhalation make it a long, slow, easy breath.  Too many of us let the stress build, and forget the powerful relaxation response that is built into an exhalation.  The tranquil mind can be reclaimed in a single exhalation, and lost again a few breaths later.  The beauty of this practice is that all day long you have the opportunity to exhale mindfully and clear or calm the mind.  You are free to repeat as needed all day, all night.

Number two: sit quietly for only a few minutes each day and listen for the sound of AUM.  It only takes a moment or two to sit quietly, fall in rhythm with your breath, soften your ears and simply listen.  Allow yourself to listen beyond the usual sounds around you, and see if you can hear the sound of AUM humming.  Fall in rhythm with this sound and you will be “attuning” yourself to nature.  Immediately you will feel a softening in the tightness you have been experiencing.

Number three: recognize that the way you are living, is born from a habit that will repeat itself unless you make new choices.  Start with numbers one and two, then open to other ways of shifting your life from a pyramid of stress upon stress lifestyle to one of tranquil mind.  I sometimes see the mind like an etch-a-sketch and the breath as the way we can shake it clear.  If you only discover it for a brief moment at first, the feeling of relaxation will be tantalizing.

Exhale, soften, create the space and make new choices.  With every breath the cycle renews itself, and when you bring yourself to be aware of this, things will change.  AUM!


One thought on “Tranquillity

  1. deepglade

    It’s certainly very interesting how different scenes can make you feel. The first two photographs make me feel a little apprehensive. The tree reminds me of a hand reaching out into the ‘above’ and the ‘below’ (in its reflection in the water) to grasp the ‘silence of the now’. It kind of feels like a struggle…the water ripples. However, the last photo of the mountains perfectly reflected in the lake, without any struggle…clear glass of the water…the ‘above’ meets the ‘below’ seamlessly.

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