Mindful Daily Exercises

Routine Exercises We Might Miss

Choose an exercise that you carry out on a regular basis, for example:

  • Brushing your teeth
  • Drinking tea, coffee, juice, water
  • Walking to work, shops, constitutional

Write down the choice of activity;  carry out this exercise with the same chosen activity every day for a week. See what you notice. The aim is not to make you feel any different but just to notice the moment whilst you are “awake”

For example: Brushing your teeth: Where is your mind when you are brushing your teeth? Are you already thinking about the next moment? Purposefully pay attention to the different sensations, the feeling and touch of the toothbrush, the flavour and aroma of the toothpaste, the moisture building up in your mouth, the sounds of brushing, and all the movements of the mouth in preparation to spit etc.


This exercise reminded me of how I used to enjoy the sound of my eldest daughter brushing her teeth each morning. I have noticed the absence since she has been away at university.

I have noticed how rich life feels when I pay attention to all the fine detail.. small, mundane, repetitive tasks become fresh and meaningful, this calming attitude of mindfulness, that addresses stress and anxiety so well, actually generates a renewed, invigorated energy, rediscovering the zest for life that was always an important part of me. It is both new and familiar all at once.. which is also something to think about.


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