A Mindful Diary

We were encouraged to keep a mindful diary to discuss with the group during the course, but it occurs to me that this is a useful practise to continue independently so that I can “notice” with myself on a regular basis, perhaps weekly- maybe slightly more flexible, how mindful I am being within my regular daily activities.. Sunday evening seems a natural choice as in my household preparing for, and thinking about  the week ahead is very much a part of our routine due to still having school age people here. I want to pay attention in particular to the daily activities that are specifically about me, for example brushing my teeth as opposed to the school run. I feel that right here, right now I need to do more than just try to look after myself- I need to be actively aware in order to nurture my sense of self.

The suggested column headings for this diary were as follows:

Date/Time                Practice/Activity            Comments/Thoughts/Feelings after practice


Source: Mindfulness Course, Tunbridge Wells 2013


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